Thursday, April 24, 2014



Maybe we're not meant to be. Its okay. Ill be fine. But i just felt disappointed because you erased me in your whole life. Ceh! Kenapa lah nak buat sampai macam tu. What for? Now its the time for me to move on. Biarlah tak de BF pon kat Unisza ni. At least, aku kena lupakan kau. Dulu aku ingat kita takkan contact lagi. But at that time, something make us reconnected. But then, its comes to end. 

Only beautiful at the beginning. Its only for a few minute in my life. Then youll be disappear AGAIN
Its true. The movie that i watched, its the same. One sided love is not easy and its only give us hope and ended with hurting our feeling. 

To you,
Sorry if i made you uncomfortable. even though i dont know what ive done to you. But once again Im sorry.