Sunday, May 31, 2015

3 paper !


ok. untuk sem akhir sebelum melangkah kaki ke final year. jadual exam dia boleh tahan aa gilaaaa !!

equity > islamic insurance > commercial

Equity: banyak gilaa. macam mana la nak ingat !! da la subject ni bohhsann. haihhhh

Islamic insurance: dari awal sem aku tau concept dia ade tiga tu je. TU JE. ONLY. 1. mudharabah 2. tabaruuq 3. wadiah. boleh kot jawab. in sha Allah :)

Commercial law: sir cakap soalan senang gila. so kalau kau tak leh jawab/failed kau BODOH gilaaa. aku aku aim untuk tak fail. untul elakkan dari jadi bodoh gilaa. ok?

all the best to myself, friends. next sem will be ur final year. legal clinic la. firm sendiri la. haiyooo

n will it be black and white for the whole year. BETTER NOT. cukup la bosan dgn study jgn la pakaian pon nak bosan. bebas sikit pleasee !

___ & co ???

Friday, May 22, 2015


How should i describe it? maybe when you met someone, the wind blows on your face gently, or you feel like flying in the air. this is a story.

in a hall way, you met a boy with perfect figure, sweet smile, stylish haircut, well build body,,, pass by you. when you look at him your world become more enticing! and at that time, you would say that he's the one. you put an effort to get to know him. in deed, you become his friend, started from friend your relationship become closer. beyond friends. your day is full of happiness. the time with him is like a treasure that is so valuable to you. start thinking that you'll spend the whole of your life with him.

as you walked on your sweet and beautiful world just like you imagine, then one day ~~

a girl, wearing nice clothes with all branded stuff from head to toe coming to you. who is she? and why she's with your man? ya, the man is very familiar but why he don't even look at you. maybe he's not realised you're there. you tried to call him by his name. but he ignored you. is that the man that you knew before. the man that you spend your beautiful day, the man that wish good morning everyday, take care of you just like you're precious to him. but, how come when he found someone better than you and he'll dump you just like a trash.

now, what should you feel about all your fancy dream, your prince charming, your so called FAIRY TALE. can it disappear in the blink of the eye. YES!

end of the story. sorry! you and your man is not being happily ever after just like in the fairy tale. this is FACT

everyone change. the matter is on what way people will change himself.



tak tau la aku. tp lately ni aku suka sangat layan korea. kalau dulu just running man je yang aku layan dgn drama sikit. kalau running man aku head over heels kat mamat ni, KIM JONG KOOK
for me, he's just perfect. body, muka, and yang paling penting sekali of course la stlye rambut. oh myy, bilaa la boleh jumpa dia ni. uri oppa~~
tapi masalah nye sekarang ni da addicted pulak dgn boyband. BIGBANG !
lagu2 dia mmg layan laa weyy.. bagi aku semua best. nak lima2 boleh?? hahaha
aku suka TOP actually, tp bila lama2 Daesung pon best, kelakar, suara pon sedap.. AHHH.. saya nak bungkus awak semua plssss..hahaha. lagu baru dia Bae Bae n Loser mmg best aa. hari hari nak dengar. 

Much love from Malaysia :)

p/s: boleh tak nak cakap kat mama saya nak kahwin org korea. mama chuseyooo~~