Thursday, February 28, 2013



now, im already in the second sem. not much differ than the prev sem, most of the friends is the same. it just a few of them got dismissed :( sadddd to tell. but its the reality. and one of them is quite close to me as she's also coming from Melaka. the lect are the same. the subjects are also the same, just plus 2 at the back. for example Contract 2, Tort 2, MLS 2. so, i dont know where im going to wasted my RM250 BB1M since ive already got the books. maybe i should find a dictionary or some english novels.

im trying not to repeat the same mistake in the 1st sem, study last minute, not prepare before going to class, not even understand the cases and it'll be worsen since i dont even bother to search the original cases. is that the attitude that im practicing as LAW student. many people said to me, law school is not like the other courses, you need to have courage when youre a LAW student. im not going to say exactly the pointer that i achieved during the 1st sem, but what i gonna say its pathetic :( yeah, its very stressful when you have to remember a bundle of cases. my problem is, i know the story or the overview picture of the case but its hard for me to remember its NAME.

what can i say......................

its true. when you enjoy doing something the time flies faster and you will not realize that youre in the final sha allah.. that's what im gonna do.!!


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