Monday, February 20, 2017

3 months !

Salam and hi !

Now, almost three months from i started my chambering. As for now, under control, the pressure, the works, ect. Act there is no pressure at all, maybe slightly but i still can handle it. 

Based from storiessss i heard, there is some of pupil that cant handle pressure and later QUIT his/her chambering. For me, as for now, kau nak belajar kan, just take it as a learning process, ofcos tak semua kita tahu, and ofcos we did mistakesssss. but as long as u willing to learn, the pressure is doesnt matter. 

Just like my master alwayssss said (i said alwayssss), this is not easy, this profession is not easy but as long as u can handle and overcome the problems, u will success. i remind u there is no shortcut to achieve something. 

As the time goes by, i think that im in love in this profession, but im not sure whether to proceed to be a lawyer or not. yaa, sometimes in love also had some confusion. what i know, ive to finish my chambering ! 

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