Monday, February 20, 2017

here we go ! (cameron highlands) #notyet PART 1

Salam and hi !

*what ive been planning during last weekend*

Last weekend, teman mama n kazen went for a meeting. Not really a meeting actually, just listen to someone story which in any way not related to me. sigh.

During that time, my kazen ask me, eh yu, jom laa g cameron highlands ! 
eh nakk,, aku dari first year study nak g tapi kengkawan aku semuaa tak nak g sana :(

kau survey laa, berapa cost nak g sana. Me, dengan segara on google search homestay, ofcos la kan, nnti nak tido kat mana, original plan, nak pergi balik je. But since i manage to find an affordable homestay why not kita stay kan. Bak kata my kazen, kalau murah macam tu dua hari pon boleh !

To be continued, we started to talk about in again in our way to my nenek's house.
Aku betul2 nak pergi ni, last aku pergi time kita kecik2 dulu - H
Yelaa, dengan aku kan, umur dalam 5-6 tahun macam tu. - M
Tu laa, takde memory langsung.- H
Yang ada pon gambar.- M

The result of my research. Huh, nak g Cameron pun buat research tau, al maklumla, limited budget. Hehehee

1.     Go to MC (coz we're from Melaka), buy ticket to TBS or KL Central (around Rm 15 i guess sebab lama tak naik bas g sana) 
2.     Then, dari TBS/KL Central naik bas g Cameron. ( more or less RM 35 based on research)
3.     Already in Cameron (at bus station probably), take Grab car to homestay. ( not sure, but for sure less than RM 10)
4.     Check in homestay (RM55 per night) ok la kan, murahhhhhhh
5.     So, next day, from homestay to cameron highlands, kita jalan kaki je la. based on Maps, it takes 4 mins, but im not sure we will reach within 4 mins. hahaha. 
So sum up all the money needed for travel and homestay, we only need for about/ average RM 80 per person.

So now, nak survey intersting places in Cameron Hoghlands. Chiowww. Adiossss. Next entry ill prepare the tentative of the activities ! Soon.

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