Tuesday, January 31, 2012



this month gonna be a very pathetic month in my life. Since i need to go on with mooting :/and this is the most important thing to do.. plus we don't know anything about mooting.. and this is the first time and i'm the first group.. huh -__- how i wish i just can be in the moot court with full of confident..

im too afraid with my lecturer.. even actually she's a nice person but maybe the way she act make me scared :( and not just that.. i also need to repeat my MUET.. i want to get at least band 4. but i still don't do anything, not even find a book to do practice.. that's what i am..

DEBATE.. SPEECH ... +++++++

huh.. final will be this year.. hope i'll do well in the exam. i'll fine with law subjects. even law need a lot to thing to memorize but it is not complicated as BEL. yeahh,, BEL is just a burden to me.. i want to further study in law but i need to pass my MUET.

DOAKAN LAA.. AKU DAPAT BAND 4.. aku tak nak terlalu mengharap tapi at least aku da try my best.. PRAY FOR ME :')