Monday, January 23, 2012

the best wish on my birthday :)


now, i'm already 19.. hoho.. i got many wishes from all my friends and loves them all.. but for me.. this is the best and the longest wish from my friend,, NUUR SYAFIQAH !! thanks dear

‎5 years ago,, when i was in form 1, i met this one funny girl. she used to read " king munch2x" to me until i slept.. she had a unstable mood actually,, everything that made her mad,, she will screamed at including cats. she was the runner up for " ratu tido." then in 2008,, she used to skip classes especially ms.vaijanthi's and PJ.. then in form 5,, she used to be in PRS also in kelab POP.. as i know,, being with her for those 5 years as classmate, dormate, gigsmate, FASMA and all,, i knew that she hate numbers.. u should to be thankful if she remembered ur number. every month she will bring a new bottle, but will end up with either losing it or lazy to carry it. she is smart and hard to cry but if cry, honestly, its a joke for me. she can't stop it just like that. takes a very long time.

so to Mas Anuar,, grow up girl. good luck. best wishes for ur 19th birthday. may ALLAH bless. have a blast. aku doakan kau dapat sambung LAW cuz u desrve it. lastly,, sorry to wish u here,, phone kedit mampos.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. =)))

thanks pada semua yg wish.. wish korang semua aku hargai.. hehe.. tak best jugak birthday bulan 1 ni.. rasa macam tua pulakk.. no.. no.. umur just a number.. haha :)


  1. uuuuu,, see.. my name there..!!!! i know that i'm sweet!!

  2. yeahh... :D
    thanks again.. and having you as my friend is totally the sweetest thing :')

  3. aku kasik wish same je..aku x nak pilih kasih..haha ;)

  4. haha.. tak pe.. janji kau ingat :D