Thursday, March 7, 2013

changes in mood


does not mean menopause or what so ever. it just about changing the mood in movies selected. prev, i love to watch romance type of movie, just like the other people. but lately, im attracted to watch horror movie esp from thailand which can make your goose bumps. haaahh.. baru feel.

kind of weird but its really interesting. plus, romance movies nowadays really lame. you can just predict what will going to happen next. eventhough thai horror movie includes all the nasty and thrill part, its make the movie much more different from the ordinary horror film. kalau kat part suspense tu memang menjadi laa. haa, baru syok nak tengok !

but whaever it is, kalau tak berani jangan mengada-ngada nak tengok. nanti tak boleh tido malam pulak. hehe. bcause one of my friend, she does not watch horror movie for a quite some time, then we she watched 4bia, thai horror movie. the next morning she caught a fever and felt ache on her chest. can you imagine? dia kata mungkin sebab terkejut sangat kot.. luckily, it does not happen to me :)

k, make a wise decision on what movie to choose esp when you're going to the cinema or else your money will be wasted. !

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