Thursday, March 7, 2013

my top funny man :)


he's the one.. cewahhh.. hahaha.. tak de laa sampai macam tu sekali. but the important is i love funny people. hidup ni akan jadi lebih bahagia. seriously. just imagine, your partner is kind of serious person, no jokes, straight, your will became boring too.

the only person that can make me smile for the whole day his him. eventhough we're far apart but he's near in my heart.*puitis* his got all the criteria that i need. should i mention it one by one ?

macam propa pulak aku ni. with his jokes, all my tears go away. yeah, its true. but the more interesting, my mom also know about him. i know that he will never belong with me. thats the fact. i dont mind, im just admiring him, anyone he choose i will still support him. im the biggest fan of him no matter what. i love everything about him. like my friend said, " ee, tak hensem laa dia mas" ermm, kisah pulak aku. for me, he's the perfect guy. if there is someone in this world just like him, i would like to meet and makes friend with him.

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